Wednesday, November 30, 2016

Quata Budukusu "Bakus Entertainment"official Promotion art works Concept by Joassycan Pro "City Alert Plus"


Exclusive "Wizkid & Friends" Indoor Free Style "Mama Awards 2016 Pre-Party" @Harem Johannesburg South Africa, featuring Falz the Bahdguy, R.S.A Int'l Act Da L.E.X, Aremo Gucci, Scooby Nero, DJ Yemite, Donald among others, . Presenter "Black Dotta - RoyaltedKheenz" Concept by Joassycan Pro for City Alert Plus +27783961500 Thats whatsapp cc IndoorFreeStyle Creativemindsplus, WorthstolenDP, dbanjfellaz, IndustreetNight. Kindly Subscribe to our channel for more video update of your favourite stars and who is who around the globe as we CAP them on the run. Feel free to comment your and also share with family and friends. #CityALertPlus First to CAP You.

Indoor freeStyle with Bolo Jay Gforce Record concept by Joassycan Pro "City Alert Plus"

Exclusive Indoor freeStyle with that Gforce Record doppest act Bolo Jay concept by Joassycan Pro "City Alert Plus"

Jaymon Indoor Free Style Directed by Joassycan Pro "City Alert Plus"

Indoor Freestyle with Jaymon Jekanmon Directed by Joassycan Pro "City Alert Plus" Royalted Khweenz Creative Minds Plus.

Bebekingcan "Working Boiz" X Jaymon The Official Audio, Concept by -Joassycan Pro-

The official audio of Bebekingcan new single "Working Boiz" X "Jaymon Jekanmo" Concept by